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Stereotytans preview pertinent new song and raise support for Philly school districts

Stereotytans is an award winning "comic book rock" band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They mix their own comic book elements (yep, that's right, they have their own comic book) into a spectacular and heavily interactive live show. To learn more about this ground breaking band, be sure to check out their website. Follow them on social media platforms: @stereotytans.

From the Stereotytans Facebook page:

In the midst of our nation’s current climate, we sat down and did what we do best - write a song straight from our hearts. Enjoy this raw clip of the beginning stages of a brand new song in support of the ongoing fight against racism and injustice. Click the YouTube link below for the full video, and to hear a special message from our very own St. Prometheus on the process of writing this new creation.
Looking for a fund to support during these times? Donate to the Caucus of Working Educators, WE Caucus ParaPower Relief Fund, which is used to support paraprofessionals, who are too often grossly underpaid, working in our Philadelphia school districts. Go to learn more.

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