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Stereotytans and Round Guys Brewing Company Launch Epic Contest (yes, you can win beer)

On May 5, Philadelphia based "comic book rock" band, Stereotytans and Lansdale based Round Guys Brewing Company are teaming up for an epic night of tacos and coloring! Zeus would definitely be pleased.

Stereotyans, their artist James Comey (not the FBI guy) and Round Guys Brewing Company are an example of how innovation and positive collaboration can work well within the entertainment industry. A favorite at comic conventions from Pittsburgh, PA to Atlantic City, NJ and beyond, Stereotytans have solidified themselves with a power house live show that has earned them accolades from 93.3 FM WMMR (as a featured Jaxon's Local Shots Artist) and "Favorite Band" from the Philly Happening Awards.

In 2018, Stereotytans and Round Guys joined cosmic forces to create the fan favorite beer, "Bumblebee Wheat Ale," inspired by their single "Bumblebee Weed." This beer was a first in a line of entertainment industry beer collaborations for Round Guys. Since then, we've seen a line of drag queen beers, starting with Fanci Dismount Stratton and band beers including AM0RA and a much anticipated beer collaboration with speed-punk rock n' roll band, Riverside Odds, called "Get Into It."

Round Guys Radio, on the first episode of their "Art of the Brewery" podcast, caught up with Stereotyans and James Comey (again, not the FBI guy) to dive a little deeper into the background and story of the Stereotytans.

This Tuesday, Stereotytans and Round Guys Brewing Company are launching an epic coloring contest called #ColorLikeATytan! Coupled with Round Guys now weekly live Taco Tuesday instruction hosted by Phil Deaver, the #ColorLikeATytan contestants have a chance to win some "Bumblebee Wheat Ale," a signed copy of the comic featuring the band and the beer and an official Stereotytans t-shirt! (check out the comic link below)

Click here for all the contest details!

Scroll to the bottom of this article to view Stereotytans music video for "Bumblebee Weed"

Stereotytans vocalist, St. Prometheus with Jaxon and Sarah at 93.3 FM WMMR

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