• Ryan Weiss | Owner

Round Guys Releases “Speed Punk Rock Lager” with Riverside Odds

Pictured: RW Hellborn (vocals/guitar w/ Riverside Odds) | Credit: Ryan Weiss

A long time ago, in a brewery right around the corner, the idea of “speed-punk rock lager” was born. Round Guys Brewing Company and local punk band, Riverside Odds, have been working behind the scenes for the last several months on an epic collaboration that has born the new beer, “Get Into It.” Round Guys has a well versed history of being associated with local music and taking partnerships to the next level and beyond. In 2018, they dove into the world of band-beer collaborations with “comic book rock” band, Stereotytans and the release of the fan favorite, “Bumblebee Wheat Ale.”. This most recent collaboration with Riverside Odds will prove to be a groundbreaking experience. Between RW Hellborn of Riverside Odds, Round Guys owners Scott Rudich and Bill McGeeney, pub manager Andrew Carroll and I, there was a lot of analysis, math, co-branding and co-marketing scenarios that were discussed before the beer was even in production. We all wanted to cater the beer to the band as much as the beer catered to Riverside Odds fans. This truly is a marriage in punk rock-craft beer heaven. “Get Into It” is available now for pick up or local delivery on the Round Guys Brewing Company website

Along with the Riverside Odds collaboration beer release, Round Guys is happy to announce the return of at home delivery on Friday, May 8th! Delivery hours will be between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., seven days a week with same day delivery available if you order by 1:00 p.m. and are in the ten mile delivery radius. If outside the delivery radius, please send the pub an email to arrange delivery at If you’re ordering this weekend, be sure to stay tuned to Round Guys Facebook page for a special online coupon code for some Mother’s Day savings! Wouldn’t Mother’s Day be so much better with Round Guys beer?

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