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[RECAP] Stereotytans release "Bumblebee Weed" Music Video at Round Guys Brewing Company

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Philly Boy Spoon review of the Stereotytans band and live performance at The Underground, in Lansdale, on 11/8/19.

Musically, the Tytans band is essentially a power trio that provides the fuel for the rest of the band. This trio is comprised of Oceanus on drums, Kronos on Bass and Hyperion on guitar. Of course, collectively, the entire band is much, much more.

At the band’s core is Oceanus, whose powerful, relentless drumming provides the glue and direction for the guitar and bass. This Tytan is a Dynamo and the main source of energy that the entire band feeds on. The result is a creation for amazing synergy within the band and extending to its audience. With his thunderous bass, Kronos deftly manipulates Time itself, transporting the band and audience back and forth in time in a fugue state, yet always returning to the present. Kronos defies the label of Heavy Metal, combining elements of Rock, Metal and Funk. The searing, exploratory stylings of Hyperion’s guitar playing make him the chief architect of the Metal Tower that the band is constructing to ascend to Mount Olympus. He has provided the foundation and the rest of the band are also builders, each contributing to the strength of the Tower.

The Stereotytans and the Demygod Army will climb this tower to battle the Gods and kick the crap out of Zeus. Hades has forged a mighty instrument of Funk, assembled in the fiery pits of Hell. Unleashing his unique guitar turntable he is scratching, ever scratching mortal beings as part of the transformation to Demygodhood. Hades has added a Funk element to the Metal Tower and has funkily scratched and scratched and shredded the label of Heavy Metal that some will try to use to define the Tytans. The band’s frontman and centerpiece is Prometheus, the embodiment of Vengeance and Rage borne of the humiliation of being cast down from Olympus. Unbound, his powerful and commanding vocals provide the focal point of the band’s energy to convert humans to Demygods while demanding responsive movement in the audience. His voice is impressive, ranging from a deep baritone to a tenor to a near screeching that a mere mortal could never endure.

Clever, brave Athena has unchained Prometheus and freed the Tytans from exile. She sometimes takes the mic and also dances her ass off. As she once cut herself on her sword, she obviously is a badass and not afraid to suffer for her art. The Oracle, seeped in Prescience, foretells of the swelling of the Demygod Army and the epic battle between the Tytans and Olympians. The result is not yet revealed because the Army is not complete and the Metal Tower is still under construction. However, we don’t need a crystal ball to know the Tytans will prevail! The Oracle will also take the mic to provide insight and a dramatic introduction of the band members.

The Protector stands ready, ever vigilant for any threat directed towards the Tytans, Don’t even think about messing with any band member or you will face his Wrath. The performance last night was visually compelling and featured enough energy to power a small country. The band was tight, racing out of the gate, and keeping their foot on the gas pedal to the very end. At one point some fans started slam dancing and I got bumped. Kronos briefly shifted us back in time, and momentarily I felt like I was back at the East Side Club in the early 80s. The Tytans rocked relentlessly, creating a contradiction of what must be exhausting for them, yet exhilarating.

Even if you are not a fan of what I’ll label Funk Metal, the associated creativity of this band makes them a must see. And, oh yeah, you will become a Demygod. My Demygod powers have awakened but that is a story for another time…

[Below] Check out their new music video for "Bumblebee Weed" featuring "Bumblebee Wheat Ale" by Round Guys Brewing Company! Follow Stereotytans on Facebook!

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