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Philadelphia Folk Festival Is Going Virtual In 2020

Photo Source: Philadelphia Folk Festival Facebook page

[Release directly from the Philadelphia Folk Festival Facebook page]

An Important Update on the 59th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival:
Since March, the Philadelphia Folksong Society has been meeting with Philadelphia and Montgomery County epidemiologists and infectious disease experts to determine the best way to keep our Folk Family safe.
So, the question you are all asking is whether Fest will happen this year and the answer is: Yes AND No. With your safety as our primary consideration, the decision has been made that we will not gather together in Upper Salford Township this August.
However, we do have some really exciting news: The Show Must Go On... Line! The Philadelphia Folksong Society is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Mountain View Staging, with 20 years of streaming excellence to their name, to present the 59th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival as a fully digital interactive musical experience, complete with multiple stages/streams of curated music, fully integrated chat features, campfire open mics, Zoom campsites, craft show, food and merchandise tents, and above all else: the invaluable sense of community and connectivity that comes from the shared experience of enjoying music together. This is not the Festival we originally planned, but with so many losses to our community and most other festivals cancelling, we couldn't allow for your to lose Fest too.
This is a FULLY curated and produced Fest, with many of the elements that you know and love, on our very own digital festival platform that we will be able to use for years to come. Can't make Fest for geographic or mobility reasons? Enjoy the livestream EVERY YEAR! And best of all: you'll be able to watch what you miss on other stages or re-watch favorite performances for a select period after Fest ends!
All current ticketholders have been contacted and are receiving automatic admission to PFF59 AND PFF60, and we invite the rest of our folk family to register now at a LAUNCH SPECIAL rate of $60 ($59 plus a $1 donation to get us to the 60th)! The special rate will run through Memorial Day and then be available on a Pay-What-You-Are-Able scale starting at just $25 per day!
We look forward to the day when we will welcome you to the Folk Fest grounds with the sound of live music and your applause! Until then, we’ll keep the music playing and keep the banjo smiling to help bring us closer despite our social distance.
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