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Hoochi Coochi, bringing indie soul and blues to Elephant Talk 10th Anniversary

Photo Credit: Joe Del Tufo

On December 14th, Delaware based indie soul and blues band Hoochi Coochi, will be bringing their unique style of crowd moving "indie soul n' roll" to Anchor Rock Club located in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the second night of the Elephant Talk 10 Anniversary Shows.

Ogee Media caught up with Hoochi Coochi's Danielle Johnson and chatted about what's special out this particular upcoming show, what we're going to hear and what's in store for the future of the band.

Ogee Media: What’s the most exciting about this show for the band? 

Danielle: We're very excited to get a chance to celebrate Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary. Anyone wanting to fight the good fight of  helping lesser known bands get some well deserved recognition has our blessing. It's also the owner Jerry Ryan's birthday and he's a great guy that's has a passion for the indie rock scene.

Ogee Media: Are you playing any new material? 

Danielle: We'll be playing some new music! We'll be playing the tracks included on our Spotify profile as well as some unreleased music that is set to be coming out in spring 2020. Their very fun and great to dance to. We also have another musician, Tyler Greene sitting in with us. We've been inviting people from other groups to come and play with us and it's been such a fun way to end the year. It's fun for us and our fans to see how other talented musicians can change up our music by adding their own touch.

Ogee Media: What are your plans for after the show? Do you have any other shows or are you taking some time off from live performances? 

Danielle: After a great weekend in AC we plan on finishing up the year with a couple more shows then enjoying our holidays with each other, friends, and family. It's a tradition to take off a month or two in the winter to rest and this year is no different. Ogee Media: What can we expect to see from your band in 2020?  

Danielle: As of now our plan is to gear up to release our third EP The Watershed in the spring of 2020. We recorded 5 new tracks in Philadelphia with Ted Richardson in his private studio in June and we're so excited to finally release this project. Where our last EP Walkin' was very blues our newer music has elements of funk and rock.  Ogee Media: What’s your favorite thing about playing Atlantic City? 

Danielle: Our favorite thing about playing in AC is that it has an active music community trying to revitalize the live original rock music scene. We're excited to be helping the resurgence of interest in hard working indie artist expressing themselves. We hope to put on an amazing show to to prove to the AC audience that not just artist's with big name's and flashing light shows can get you dancing and enjoying yourself all night.

For all the latest news, be sure to follow Hoochi Coochi on Facebook! For all the latest music, check them out on Spotify! Preview their catchy diverse style below with their video for "The Squeeze." If you like what you hear, snatch your tickets to the Elephant Talk 10th Anniversary Show online.

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