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"Hands up, don't shoot!" Stereotytans preview new track and call to action

Pictured: St. Prometheus (Stereotytans lead singer) Credit: Danielle Neilio

The Philadelphia based "comic book rock" band, Stereotytans, have a strong history of bringing their comic personas to life on stage. They've run the gamut of comic con performances, comic book releases, beer partnerships (Bumblebee Wheat Ale by Round Guys Brewing Company) and podcast sessions. This time, they are calling out and calling to action. On a recent Facebook live session from Forge Recording (available below and on their Facebook), they previewed a cut of an upcoming track "Breathe For You," a project they've been steadily working on with recording mastermind, Ron DiSilvestro.

A slight departure from their usual brand of in-your-face rock n' roll, Stereotytans tackle the recent state of affairs in the world today. The lyrics, "hands up, don't shoot," are in your face and rattle your soul. They mean it, they've had enough. A new level of songwriting and soul searching is evident in this upcoming track. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to learn more and for the latest updates as they grow closer to an official release date.

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